Wedding FAQ's

How many images can I expect to see from our wedding?
Do we get a disc or USB of all the images?

You will receive all of your images on a USB flash drive. You will receive every image deemed credible and thought to be "the best of".  It's not about how many photos you're getting, its about getting the shots you will love.  The image quantity is always different depending on the wedding day, how many guests you have, how large your bridal party is, the amount of time allowed for detail photos, etc. You will also receive an online gallery you can share with your family and friends to order prints and products. 

How long until we’ll see the proofs - do you offer an online service
where we can log onto and get access prior to a disc?

There will be a 'sneak peek' usually within one week after the wedding. This is usually one or two bridal images from the day shared on my Facebook page. The complete wait time is no more than 8 weeks after the wedding date.. 

When is the balance due?

The remaining balance is due no less than 4 (four) weeks before the wedding. H and H always try our best to meet in person and create a time line together, and a detailed list of names and 'must have' photographs and this is when the final payment is made. If you live out of town and are not able to meet in person for this meeting then we do these things over the phone and email, you will mail the final payment. It must be made before the wedding day. 

Cancellation policy?
(We don't anticipate needing this but always good to know)

Every wedding booking requires a non-refundable $500 retainer. If for any reason I become too ill or injured and can not photograph your wedding, I will do everything in my power to replace me with a photographer as experienced and educated as I am with wedding photography. Should I not be able to provide a photographer replacement, financial refund will be given. Should client cancel the wedding date the retainer is NOT refundable.  

Will you stay extra hours (if need be) for an extra fee?

Yes. Although we try our best to plan ahead and know beforehand the amount of time I will need to be with you on your wedding day, there can always be reason you may decide you would like me to stay longer. Additional hours are $200. Please mail a check after the wedding for the additional time spent.

How do you like to schedule a wedding day?
(pictures before/after – both?)

-Every wedding is different. Some couples don't believe in seeing each other before the ceremony and will not choose the "first look" option and some choose to have a 'first look' to save on time after the ceremony. However the day goes, before the ceremony I always take the photos of the girls and guys groups separate. The men also take all of their images together before the ceremony. This will free up much more time after the ceremony to just have to take the immediate family photos, followed by the bridal party, and ending cocktail hour with the Bride & Groom's portraits. If your wedding ceremony and reception are at separate locations and you will both be getting ready in separate locations, we will talk further into detail about how these types of weddings are planned.

Do you travel? Is there a travel fee?

-Yes. We are available for travel. If your wedding venue is more than about 30 minutes drive from Merced there will be an additional fee for travel 50 cents per mile. Further details will be discussed if this may be a requirement for your wedding.